Need help with FLUID-3205 (Video Player caption sync)

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Sun Nov 8 20:03:14 UTC 2009


I'm currently looking into FLUID-3205, an issue with the new Infusion  
HTML 5 Video Player component where captions appear to run out of sync  
with the video in Firefox 3.5.

While I know they were working for me in the past, I can't get the Ogg  
Theora-formatted videos in the final report to play at all in Firefox  
3.5.5. Hit play, and nothing happens. Try this in your version of  
Firefox, and tell me what you see:

It appear to be an issue with the way we encoded these videos. If I  
use Firefogg, a simple Ogg encoder extension for Firefox, the videos  
play back great using the Video Player on my local system. The  
captions also appear to be in sync with the video.

Assuming this is indeed the issue, I'm wondering if we still have the  
original source videos (.mov files exported from iMovie) so that we  
can correctly re-encode them as Theora? If not, we can use the H.264  
versions as the source, with some reduced quality of output. Michelle,  
do you have all the original movies for the screencasts kicking around  
somewhere on your machine by chance?

I've fixed a handful of other issues that improve the experience and  
reliability of the Video Player. Next up, we'll want to tweak the  
styling and visual design of the component to make it awesome for the  
new Engage site. After that, I think a "sneak peek" of the component  
will be ready for inclusion in the next release of Infusion.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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