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Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Wed Nov 4 23:49:43 UTC 2009

Hi Laurel,

Your link to the Infusion Builder filter didn't quite work. Let's try  
this one:

I've done a bit of JIRA gardening here--there were a lot of weeds  
there. :) I tried to remove items that were already finished or were  
general "umbrella" issues that had already been completed. I also  
tried to add more information titles and descriptions for many issues,  
as well as identifying priority for them. I'm still perplexed by  
several more of them, but we can talk about the details tomorrow and  
tidy up JIRA accordingly.

Here's a general list of the things I think we probably need to do  
before kicking off a bug parade for Builder:

1. Get rid of builder.js
2. Prepare any server-side code such as cleanup cron jobs, etc.
3. Write an Ant-based deployment process
4. Work with Jacob to create a great look and feel for the Builder,  
independent from the website

Hope this helps,


On 4-Nov-09, at 3:57 PM, Laurel A. Williams wrote:

> Hi Colin,
> In preparation for our pair programming tomorrow....
> Here is the jira filter for the Infusion Builder:
> I'm sorry, there are probably several issues on the list that are  
> outdated and can be removed. I've been holding out for the release.
> Here are the issues you mentioned that we should specifically address:
> - write ant script  
> to deploy
> - builder.js removal
> Here are some other issues that need to be addressed soon:
> - website look and  
> feel for builder (header/footer/navigation/breadcrumb)
> - css issues
> - need to write  
> script to clean up files in /tmp via daily cron job
> Looking forward to it.
> Laurel
> <laurel_williams.vcf>

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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