Remote User Testing

Alistair Jones ajonesolt at
Wed Nov 4 12:48:20 UTC 2009

Hi Vicki!

As we talked about in the meeting, having me observe user testing
sounds like a fun idea, so we should explore it a little more and see
if we can't make it happen.  Maybe I can lend a hand in any evaluation
planning as well.

How soon did you envision that taking place?  I think we said that the
wireframes would be done at the end of next week, so then that it
would be the week of the 16th?

As far as availability is concerned, I think the 9 hour time
difference will work to our advantage, because I'm typically busy
during the day.  Class schedules here in France never follow a clear
pattern and I can't even say exactly what my schedule will be, but I
can say that usually I have fridays completely free, and at the very
least I get out of class at 6pm on Monday through Thursday.  That
means that in the Vancouver time zone, I will be free from 9:30am to
3:30pm or 4 pm.  I can be a little bit of a night owl.

I hope everythings going well with your defense!


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