Engage release build and fluid all build

Michelle michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 3 21:46:13 UTC 2009

The URL is going to depend on the version number. For example, I did a  
manual build today while testing the continuum target and the URLs for  
the current 'release' are:


There are two URLS - one for the source version and one for the  
minified version.


On 2009-11-03, at 4:32 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Michelle,
> On 3-Nov-09, at 4:18 PM, Michelle wrote:
>> I've done a little bit of clean up regarding the engage nightly  
>> build. There are now two continuum build targets - the fluid all  
>> build and the engage release build. The fluid all build happens  
>> nightly and the results are available here:
>> http://build.fluidproject.org:8095/engage/demo/index.html
>> The release build does not happen automatically. When we are at the  
>> point of release or testing for engage, we should change the  
>> externals for the fluid-release-all project located here:
>> http://source.fluidproject.org/svn/fluid/infrastructure/fluid-release-all/
>> and then manually kick off the engage release build. The results  
>> will be that both the source and minified war files will be put  
>> into the build tomcat.
> Awesome! This is exactly what we'll need in the short term. I agree  
> with you that it makes sense not to run the release build every  
> night, but manually instead. What will the URL be for the release  
> build version of Engage be?
> Colin
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