Infusion Builder request for interim review

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Mon Nov 2 14:27:59 UTC 2009

Hi Colin,

Thanks so much for your Sunday review! Thoughts inline below:

Colin Clark wrote:
> Hi Laurel,
> I think your directory structure changes generally look good. A few 
> comments about naming:
>  * I'm not sure what's specifically "secure" about the code you've got 
> in the infusion-builder-secure directory. Does this directory just 
> contain resources that are "private" to the web server? Or is there a 
> more descriptive name we can use? Along with this, I assume the stuff 
> within plain old "infusion-builder" is intended to be located in the 
> webserver's document directory?
I guess when I named the infusion-builder-secure directory I was 
thinking "this directory needs to be put somewhere secure". It contains 
resources which should not be placed within the webserver document root 
or anywhere where a browser can access them directly. I certainly 
welcome a better name, but that was the one that came to my mind.

The infusion-builder directory is the directory to be located in the 
webservers document root, so having a clear simple name that related to 
the tool seemed appropriate.

Maybe others can comment on ideas for renaming if necessary.

> * Your mysqlscript.sql script file could probably be named something 
> more descriptive. "create-and-clear-builder-cache.sql" or something 
> along those lines?
> - created this just now and will address this immediately.

> And one question about next steps:
>  * You mention that you've taken the Builder out of CMS Made Simple 
> (good move), and that it doesn't look as nice as a result. What's your 
> plan for making it look good again?
I'm hoping for some designer time on this one, though I can certainly 
make some first stabs at it. Along with a makeover, we need to figure 
out how the builder fits into the website (links to and from the website 
only, or put in the whole website header, footer, background, etc). I 
made a JIRA for this last week.

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