[Infusion-users] Inline Select Component Questions

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 22:24:55 UTC 2009

Hi Jen,

On 6-Oct-09, at 9:43 PM, Jen Bourey wrote:
> The first questions I have are about the "selectbox" dependency:  It  
> looks like the jQuery selectbox plugin javascript file is in the  
> infusion checkout, but isn't added into the Fluid infusion file.  I  
> wasn't sure if it was supposed to be there or if it might be  
> included in the future.  More concerningly, when I did try to import  
> it into my page, I discovered that it doesn't cleanly namespace its  
> references to the jQuery variable.  As a result, it doesn't work in  
> a page which uses jQuery.noConflict(true) (like uPortal does).  Is  
> that an issue that's already documented?
> The other thing I'd noticed is that while the arrow keys  
> successfully move through the select list, typing a letter doesn't  
> seem to have an effect.  In a long list like an enumeration of state  
> or countries or something, I frequently find the default HTML select  
> element's behavior useful, and I think I'd miss that in a select  
> component.  (Yes, I sometimes think of myself as living in CCC).  Is  
> that something that might be added in the future?  I also found the  
> fact that the "selected" value sort of visually looks selected but  
> the arrow keys scroll down from the first item to be confusing.

We chatted about this in the IRC channel awhile back, but to tie up  
loose ends, I thought I'd also respond to this thread.

Good catch on these issues with the jQuery selectbox. One of the  
challenges of using plugins from the wild edges of jQuery community is  
that they can vary quite widely in terms of quality. Some of the  
plugins we use are pretty amazing, others could use a bit more robust  
implementation. I think the jQuery selectbox plugin falls in the  
latter camp.

Checking their website, there is a newer version of the plugin than  
the one we are using:


They advertise support for noConflicts() mode, but looking at the  
source code it looks like no such support actually exists--they're  
still always referring to the "jQuery" symbol. This should be  
relatively easy to clean up and submit as a patch back to the  
maintainer. Any volunteers? I've filed a bug about it:


The 1.0 version of selectbox also seems to have some regressions,  
breaking the keyboard arrow key navigation, which is problematic for  
us. It also doesn't yet support the ability to type portions of a word  
and have it be automatically selected. I completely agree with you  
that it's an essential feature. I've filed a bug about it here:


Given this issues, I think we're going to have either fix these bugs  
or replace the selectbox plugin with something more robust before we  
promote the Dropdown Inline Edit configuration to production status.  
We'll take a look at this for the next release or two of Infusion.

Thanks so much for the feedback!


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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