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Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Sun Nov 1 18:12:02 UTC 2009

Hi Boyan,

Thanks for this feedback! Some comments below...

On 27-Oct-09, at 7:28 AM, Boyan Sheytanov wrote:

> I was browsing the svn repo these days and found some issues that
> might need to be fixed:
>  * In incubator, there are empty folders engage-client and
> engage-sketches that are probably no longer needed.

Good point. I've removed these from the repository.

>  * In scratchpad/decapod we should probably add the file
> that resides in the Google code repo.

>  * We should probably move decapod stuff from scratchpad to incubator
> since we have to deliver the Capture interface pretty soon.

I agree. We've struggled with the various bits of Google  
infrastructure for Decapod--specifically, Google Groups. I think we'll  
be probably migrating to Fluid infrastructure soon. In the meantime,  
we should definitely fork the Decapod Python server and move it into  
the incubator so you and Michelle can work on it there.

>  * In fluid, there are two folders with externals that point to the
> same place (fluid-all and fluid-build-all). There's probably a reason
> for this, but I couldn't get it. Only one of these might remain.

fluid-all is for day-to-day development. The plan for fluid-build-all  
is to make a few tweaks to our daily build server and then rename this  
module to fluid-release-all.

It is used for creating release testing builds of Engage, tagged  
against specific versions of Infusion and Engage. The reason for this  
is that we may regularly release Infusion before Engage. As a result,  
there will be a period where the Infusion repo is unfrozen while  
Engage remains frozen.

fluid-build-all should probably be moved to the infrastructure  

>  * In fluid, we probably need a separate folder for the engage stuff,
> with an external pointing to Infusion in it. See

I completely agree. This is on the to do list.

> I'm not really sure if these make sense to you, but I think with these
> changes the repo structure will be much more clear. There are probably
> other issues that need to be resolved as well (mainly related to
> externals).

I really appreciate your well-considered feedback about this. Thanks  
so much!


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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