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michelle.dsouza at michelle.dsouza at
Thu May 28 13:54:49 UTC 2009

Quoting Clayton H Lewis <Clayton.Lewis at Colorado.EDU>:

> If museums are to avoid duplicating all their work creating versions
> of pages for different platforms, we should develop some way to mark
> up what content is crucial and what is peripheral, so one can render
> just the crucial stuff when needed (with some way to get to the extra
> stuff, mapped onto other screens).

I think there are interesting ways we can extend FSS and UI Enhancer  
to fulfill this role. Jacob has already built some support for a  
simplified layout which we could conceivably break down into smaller  
bits - say a screen per section and may render reasonably well on a  
mobile device. Clearly we will need to build in more semantic  
information on the page as Clayton mentioned above. An automated  
solution could help to reduce the resource requirement on a museum.  
Although this may not result in the perfect mobile experience, we  
would build the solution to be pluggable (as is the Fluid way) so that  
when resources exist to improve on the automated solution that could  
be done.


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