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Thought that this might be useful.

- Eli

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> An enterprising U.K. user has recently published a free, online guide
> for accessing IE8 with
> JAWS. Read it at:
> 	http://tinyurl.com/oaveyw
> As I read through it I felt a bit overwhelmed. Passages such as
>> Tab groups are indicated visually by the tabs in the third toolbar
> which belong to the
>> same tab group being the same colour. When a screen reader is
> running, then any tab in a
>> tab group has a unique group number appended to its tab name. This
> group number is read out
>> by Jaws when appropriate, for example when switching between tabs
> by pressing Ctrl + Tab.
> Sounds a bit like a Unix man page, doesn't it? Descriptions like this
> make me wonder why we
> must suffer through  so much complexity anyway. If you need to know
> how to access favorites, feeds, web
> slices, tabbed browsing, smart screen filter, accelerators, all the
> buttons on all the
> toolbars, search boxes, compatibility view, context menus, add-ons,
> information bar,
> internet options or virtually anything else the new IE8 offers, the
> exhaustive detail of
> this guide is just what you're looking for. It has clear descriptions
> for the low-vision
> user  and defines all the above terms and more. It has a summary
> table of all mentioned
> keystrokes  and comprehensively covers virtually every feature that
> Microsoft brags about
> being in IE8.
> My one problem with this guide: it won't help a beginner sort through
> all this detail to
> just go online and happily surf. It suffers from the same geekiness
> that's integral to the
> framework of the FS Surf's up training:  full of information for an
> advanced user like me,
> but not helpful for someone just getting started.
> Though it's not for the beginner, I do recommend this guide for
> anyone training students.
> Now that Microsoft is pushing IE 8 on us as a "critical"
> update,  we're being forced to
> understand how all this stuff works, whether we like it or not. Now
> if I could just figure
> out where in this pleuthora of settings to find the mystery toggle
> that makes my address bar
> work properly with JAWS, maybe I'll even start to like IE 8!
> --Debee
> P.s. I just finished the series of free webinars that Freedom
> Scientific has been holding on
> using IE7 with JAWS. Though much of it was review for me, I picked up
> a lot of tips, and was
> pleased that about 3/4 of the attendees were sighted. FS will be
> offering these again, and I
> really hope more trainers will take advantage of them. The software
> "pushes" actual web
> pages out to users so you can both see and hear the content. The
> webinar software is
> accessible to people with all degrees of vision loss; they are super
> thorough, and recorded
> archives of all webinars are available the following day after each
> session for your review.
> After a month or so, the archives are also available publicly. A link
> to webinars is now on
> the FS home page.

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Eli Cochran
user interaction developer
ETS, UC Berkeley

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