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Jacob Farber jacob.farber at utoronto.ca
Tue May 26 15:41:44 UTC 2009

An issue has come up regarding how hyperlink modification in UI Options should work (http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2481)

It seems we could one of 2 things:

1)     Unchecking or checking an option returns absolute values, where unchecking something removes that style and checking it adds that style

2)     Unchecking or checking an option returns relative values, where that style is only affected if the checkbox is different than the default

For example, if a page has bold and/or underline links scattered throughout:

1)      Option #1 means checking the bold and/or underline options forces ALL the links to become bold and/or underlined, no matter what. Unchecking the option means ALL the links are stripped of any bold and/or underlined styles.

2)      Option #2 means any links that weren't bold and/or underlined to begin with gain that style, unchecking it means those same links would not lose that style if they already had it to begin with (bold links would stay bold even if its unchecked, since that's their default style).

The main difference here is that we could say these options only add to the default style of a link, or they replace the style of a link.

Which makes more sense to you?

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