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neat-o y'all!

This looks  like a great start and from the looks of it you also have  
clarity on next steps.

Nicely done.


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On May 22, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Laurel A. Williams wrote:

> Hi all,
> Jacob and I have been working to create web-based front end for the  
> custom build (see  
> For those who are not familiar with the custom build tool, it  
> provides website developers with the ability to package the  
> javascript for Infusion and its supporting libraries into a single  
> file (+ a few odds and ends), for use on their website. Custom build  
> allows you to select the parts of Infusion that you want, rather  
> than requiring you to take the whole Infusion package found at 
> .
> We have been looking at two download pages in particular to model  
> our UI and UX: and 
> .
> We have made a small start to this task, by creating a non- 
> javascript version of a download page, for everyone to test out and  
> comment on. It can be found here:
> What it does:
> The list of fluid framework elements, components and libraries is  
> dynamically generated from the infusion dependency declarations  
> (JSON files). The dependency requirements for the custom download  
> are also determined dynamically. You will notice warning messages if  
> you don't select all the required dependencies. The custom build  
> script is run and the resulting zip file is presented to the user  
> for download.
> What we know still needs to be done:
> 1) Convert the interface into a full fledged Infusion component,  
> rendered on the client
> 2) Improve the UX
> 3) Finish laying out the page into groups
> 4) Put some polish on the appearance
> Please remember that this is a proof of concept and we know there is  
> still lots of work to be done.
> We look forward to your feedback.
> Laurel
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