Miserable Mono and the Paged Bonobo

Colin Clark colin.clark at utoronto.ca
Thu May 21 18:13:57 UTC 2009


On 21-May-09, at 1:36 PM, Steven Githens wrote:

> I will keep (or start more of) IM'ing/Jira'ing/IRC'ing issue, and  
> I'm not trying to be a jerkface,  but I am just genuinely trying to  
> find out Javascript has some sort of special operators or built in  
> variables like Java and Python, that allow access to hidden things.   
> I know this isn't a javascript mailing list, but since it's the  
> pattern most of the library is based off of it seemed like a  
> reasonable place to post the question.  The pager was mostly just a  
> real life example.

Just to follow up on this--we like answering JavaScript questions like  
this! And no one thinks you're anything other than awesome. Keep it  

> P.S.  I know monkeypatching and related things are philosophically  
> tough things to talk about, but yes, I am trying to find out if I  
> can 'cheat', as one way to phrase it.  :p

I lied slightly. In pre-3.1 versions of Firefox only, closures do  
quietly leak their scope. You could use this for some serious hackery,  
but it would be effectively useless for production purposes.


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