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This is great and will really give designers and developers a look at  
what is out there on iPhone now.


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On May 20, 2009, at 5:54 AM, tona monjo wrote:

> As mentioned on yesterday’s design meeting, I’ve been searching some  
> online references about what museums have done with the Iphone.
> Although I’ll continue the search (combined with benchmarking), I  
> send you the references I’ve found by now (even when I’m quite sure  
> that you may know most or all of them):
> Gustav Klimt exhibition at Tate Liverpool
> http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/gustavklimt/tour/iphone/#home
> (visible on an Iphone, or using Firefox or Safari on a computer)
> Contains exhaustive information about the author and the exhibition.  
> Although information is mainly textual, it also contains other  
> media, as for instance http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/gustavklimt/tour/iphone/#stop11 
>  (quicktime documentation about pieces on the exhibition)
> Also interesting is that thet user can send feedback (http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/gustavklimt/tour/iphone/#feedback 
> ). Note that the Iphone is used by the museum not only to provide  
> information, but also to receive it from its direct users or visitors.
> More info at:
> http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/gustavklimt/tour.shtm
> http://tatehandheldconference.pbworks.com/iPod+touch+tour+at+Tate+-+technical+notes
> Moma wifi
> http://moma.org/wifi
> Contains two sections:
> - MoMA Audio is an audio program devoted to the Museum's collection  
> and special exhibitions. It contains audio tours in multiple  
> languages.
> - Visitor information. Textual information about museum hours,  
> dining options, visitor policies, etc.
> Cyberville
> http://kooz.net/iphone/
> (Safari or Firefox are recommended)
> Prototype developed by Saint Louis Science Center. Even when it  
> currently contains textual information and some photographs, it may  
> be interesting to follow-up future developments, especially for  
> these sections:
> - The behavior station (http://kooz.net/iphone/#_behaviorstation).  
> It seems that it can contain an online activity that will allow user  
> to program his own fish.
> - Nanotechnology center (http://kooz.net/iphone/#_nanotech) may  
> contain in the future activities, movies and other interesting  
> resources.
> San Jose Museum of Art virtual tours
> http://www.sjmusart.org/m/
> Contains museum exhibitions and artists documentation, with text,  
> pictures and quick time video.
> Especially interesting are:
> - Artists’ information (http://www.sjmusart.org/m/#_pc). Each page  
> contains not only textual information about the artist, but also  
> some images that user can click on to enlarge, and a video with the  
> artist testimonial.
> - Feedback (http://www.sjmusart.org/m/#_feedback). User can use a  
> form to send his feedback (similar to the case of Gustav Klimt  
> exhibition).
> More info at:
> http://www.chris-alexander.com/2008/10/ipod-touch-tour-update/
> Universal Museum Media Widget
> http://museumpods.com/id360.html
> Widget that can be accessed with cell phone or Iphone.
> Contains, among others, the following issues:
> - Audio on demand (National Museum of Australia). User can play or  
> download mp3 files, with contents about the museum
> - Agenda (What’s happening at Providence Children’s Museum)
> - Twitter (http://museumpods.com/museums_twitter.html). A Museum  
> Twitter RSS feed can be sent to this phone directory.
> Some other references:
> The voicemail Museum
> http://museumtwo.blogspot.com/2008/08/voicemail-museum-join-experiment.html
> Article about an experiment based on the use of cell phone not to  
> serve content, but as a feedback device to know users’ opinions.
> Brooklyn Museum API: the IPhone app
> http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/community/blogosphere/bloggers/2009/04/17/brooklyn-museum-api-the-iphone-app/
> In development. Not accessible by now.
> Best,
> Tona
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