mccord iphone task from design meeting

Clayton H Lewis Clayton.Lewis at Colorado.EDU
Tue May 19 21:43:32 UTC 2009

(james: I may not get a chance to call tomorrow, so thought I'd  
sketch a couple of thoughts re the McCord on iPhone project discussed  
in the design meeting today)

I'd like to explore providing a reasonable presentation of the McCord  
info as a Web app rather than as an iPhone app

adheres to fluid engage goal of being as much Web as possible
might allow us to bring UIOptions to bear (in some flavors of the  
portable rather than iPhone specific

I will look at the source for the existing McCord page to see what  
the prospects would be to use restyling to put the content on a small  
screen device, using iPhone as the example
I will read up on how device specific versions of sites are  
autoselected in these devices... I know it's done, but don't know how
I will try to have a restyled version of some kind hacked up by  
tuesday, or report what the obstacles to this approach are

if the current page doesn't lend itself to restyling, I will look  
into some alternatives:
if the current page uses some kind of API to get the data I'll make a  
new page using that
failing that, I'll explore some kind of transcoding approach

the aim of all of these approaches will be to see what can be done  
WITHOUT putting code on the phone

if I'm able to get something done I'll look at it on my iPod Touch  
and on my Android G1

comments and suggestions welcome

Clayton Lewis
Professor of Computer Science
Scientist in Residence, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
University of Colorado

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