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Steven Githens swgithen at
Mon May 11 19:01:56 UTC 2009

Michelle D'Souza wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week it was mentioned in the channel that it would be useful to 
> get together as a group to discuss the Pager API prior to the 1.1 
> feature freeze. I've scheduled a meeting tomorrow at 11:00 am  Eastern 
> for us to talk about this. Let's meet in Breeze.
I think I have a meeting at this time.  If I don't I might drop in and 
lurk, but if I can't my biggest suggestion is to add a constructor 
option for 1.1 that allows to specify the amount of data.  I know a lot 
of the focus is on building cool integrated things backed by models, but 
the pager is incredibly useful javascript to just plop on a random page 
and let it do the math for you, so it'd be great for it to just work by 
specifying the total number of things you want to page.  And making it 
easy to change that number at any time if your volume of stuff changes.  
Right now I'm hacking this by going:

   * Set up the pagers
  // I'm getting a too much recursion error when using my component 
tree, using a simple array for now.
  var fakedata = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < asnn2.pageState.dataArray.length; i++) {

  var pager = fluid.pager("#asnn-list-area", {
    listeners: {
      onModelChange: function (newModel, oldModel) {
        // We need to store the pageModel so that the Sorting links can 
use it when they need
        // to refresh the list
        asnn2.pageState.pageModel = newModel;
    dataModel: fakedata,
    pagerBar: {type: "fluid.pager.pagerBar", options: {
      pageList: {type: "fluid.pager.renderedPageList",
        options: {
          linkBody: "a"

Also, a convenience method to figure out what to render. If you just 
want to 'use' the pager, this is some error prone math that would be 
nice to have easily accessible.  I'm guessing there is actually 
something like this already (since it has to calculate it for rendering 
the databound version) and I just haven't found it in the API yet.

But just in case there isn't.

 * Determine the slice to render based off a pageModel.
 * @param {pageModel} Page model from the Fluid Pager. This is the 
object model you get whenever it
 * changes.
 * @return {Array} An array consisting of the start and end to use. ex. 
asnn2.findPageSlice = function(pageModel) {
  var start = pageModel.pageIndex * pageModel.pageSize;
  var end = start + Number(pageModel.pageSize) - 1; // This was getting 
coerced to String addition
  if (end > (pageModel.totalRange-1)) {
    end = pageModel.totalRange-1;
  return [start,end];

Sorry, my javascript still sucks, I'm sure there's a better way to cast 
that stuff.

Also, apologies if this has been discussed already.  (I have 1333 unread 
messages in my Fluid email folder at the moment :p  ).

Just wanted to mention this stuff since we are using it, testing on 
preprod now, and Asnn2 will be using it on prod in June.  Great stuff, 
just needs some convenience methods for various things in future 
versions of the API's.

> Michelle
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