Notes from "The Everybody Fluid Engage Brainstorming Meeting"

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at
Mon May 11 14:08:14 UTC 2009


1.       Mobile device as your own personal curator:
This means the device is your springboard to a wealth of information based on what it understands you're looking at and interested in. Using any combination of orientation/positioning data and object recognition, you could hold your device up to an artifact, it would isolate what it thinks your focused on, and serve up an intuitive HUD style interface to more information.

2.       Private path painting and wayfinding
Think a blend of Google Street View and the color coded guides drawn on busy hospital floors. You could use the museums website to register and setup some personal preferences. Those preferences could be translated into "experiences" - when you enter the museum space, your phone receives dynamically drawn paths to guide you around your interests. These paths could extend beyond the exhibition space and extend to encompass entire routes on getting to the museum in the first place (a complete start to end solution). This goes hand in hand with a recommendation engine, where tangential paths could recommended based on usage patterns and preferences.
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