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A 15 - 20 minute game for children ages 8 - 12 involving displays and
artifacts in the exhibit. They have to find certain items in the exhibit to
gain points, while avoiding getting caught by other players.

Team Structure:
Children are divided into 3 groups: Cats, Dogs, and Sailors.

The Cat group is given objectives: find your cat in the exhibit, find an
artifact, etc. by photographing it.

The Dog group is to find certain cat displays, and catch players in the Cat

The Sailor group is to find certain ships, sailors, and artifacts in the
exhibit. They can help save a cat from a dog.

- Cats, dogs, and sailors are let loose into the exhibit with their
- Cats are to avoid dogs.
- Dogs are to catch cats.
- If a cat gets caught by a dog, the cat is herded into a pen where they
will stay until a sailor rescues them.
- Each action in the game as an associated point value. The team with the
most points wins the game.

- photo capture / identification for capturing objectives in the exhibit.
- proximity detection alert player to certain displays and other players
- Cats, dogs, and sailors are notified of their proximity to an objective.
- Cats, Dogs, and sailors are warned of other players in their proximity
(cats warned of dogs etc.)

- Kids are given a summary of their game (points, distance traveled etc.)
when the game is over.
- They are given a unique ID which they can log into the museum website
later and see their game played back graphically on screen.
- During playback on the website, random higlights are displayed giving
extra information about displays they passed or were near.

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