WiFi indoor positioning update

Jorge Silva jorge.silva at utoronto.ca
Wed May 6 20:24:44 UTC 2009

Hola All,

   Yura and I have been working our way into Infusion for our upcoming 
participation on Engage. We are also wondering what would be the best 
way for us to share the knowledge we produced with our proof-of-concept 
implementation of the WiFi-based indoor positioning system (WIPS), 
hoping it will be useful for Engage.

   Most of the information is now available on a FAQ 
(http://scyp.atrc.utoronto.ca/wips/wips_faq.htm), and a wiki 

   Also, the most important updates since our last talk with Antranig, 
Colin and others are:

   + Positioning requests can be made in real time (the whole process 
will take a max of 0.5 seconds)
   + Susahosh, a volunteer who will soon start showing up on IRC, has 
finished a demo on an Android phone which we can show people at the 
ATRC. The code is available here: 

   Please let me know what you think... this should probably go on the 
wiki but I am wondering if there are any other suggestions (including 
where in the wiki). Looking forward to your thoughts...


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