The Everybody Fluid Engage Brainstorming Meeting Thursday, May 7, 12:30a PDT / 1:30p MDG / 3:30p EDT/ 8:30p BST / 9:30p CEST

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Tue May 5 18:53:47 UTC 2009

Dear All,

I'd like to invite you all to a meeting for this Thursday to do some  

Here's the scenario:
The Museum:
You're on a team at The CATT* Museum (a fictional museum, any  
similarity to is unintended)
The team is tasked with designing (and creating) an exhibit -- one  
that covers the physical, mobile and web spaces.  One that uses  
technology in interesting ways to tie together the solution while  
engaging the visitors.  The museum is a history museum, focused on the  
domestic and wild CATT.  Museum artifacts include but are not limited  
to artwork, paintings, sculptures, written materials, audio, and video  
of or related to cats.

The Exhibit:
The exhibit we'll be working on is called "Seagoing CATTS" -- for some  
Use this as a way to structure your thoughts about how you might do  
the following:
How will you go about doing this exhibit?
what features will your exhibit have -- think specifically and tie it  
in with artifacts
kiosks w/ this?
mobile that displays _________?

Please bring at least two specific ideas for features of the exhibit  
you'd hope to build as part of the team.  Nothing is too small or  
silly an idea at this point.

During this brainstorming meeting we'll walkthrough your ideas and  
brainstorm about taking them further and it'll be interesting to see  
how they might fit together.

This exercise will give us some ideas for early "micro carrots" for  
designers and developers (new to the community and veterans) to start  
working on -- to learn Infusion, grease our creative wheels, and get  
started on building FE.

To break it down:
all developers and designers who need to develop a mini-carrot
bring one or two ideas for the exhibit
no matter how mundane and crazy
technologically supported ideas -- think technology
or intersection thereof (web, physical, mobile)

goal: brainstorm, apply some of information we have been gathering  
from the resources on FE, be creative.

* CATT is an alternate spelling of cat that some members of Fluid use  
to refer to our feline friends.

See you in


Jess Mitchell
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Project Manager / Fluid Project
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