patch for json files - jira 2648 and 2639

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Tue May 5 16:33:21 UTC 2009

As part of the custom build front end that Jacob emailed about today, 
I've altered the json files to reflect three new fields.

1) name - a verbose name for the component - to be used on the web page
2) description - a verbose description for the component - also to be 
used on the web page
3) cssFiles - This isn't required by the build front end, but there was 
another jira (2639) which requested this change, so we took the 
opportunity to put those changes in too.

My concern about the cssFiles field is that I got the order of the 
cssFiles correct for each component - it wasn't always clear 
(particularly in UIOptions and the FSS). Also if anyone can recommend a 
quick method for parsing the files to check that I got the syntax 
correct and didn't miss any commas, etc., please let me know. Possibly 
that task is already being performed by some code in fluid?

The patch is posted for your review.


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