What's up with downloading a customized build of Infusion?

Eli Cochran eli at media.berkeley.edu
Tue May 5 15:47:55 UTC 2009

I'm trying to remember my PHP -- it's been a couple of years:


I'm pretty sure that's what I used before. There are security issues.  
You need to ensure that someone can't pass in arbitrary code.

- Eli

On May 5, 2009, at 7:18 AM, Jacob Farber wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Laurel and I are working on the custom Infusion build experience,  
> and we’ve started to make some headway.
> Now that Michelle has built the infrastructure for customized  
> builds, we’ve started to this about how the experience should play  
> out, and how the backend/frontend should communicate to generate a  
> build. Some examples of this kind of functionality can be found at  
> jQuery UI’s download page and Mootools’ download page.  One tricky  
> part we’re finding is how to process the commands we need to  
> generate a build with Ant.
> The current workflow is looking like this:
> 1.       PHP parses the build.properties and the JSON dependencies  
> files to fetch and generate a list of modules and their dependencies
> 2.       Form will POST to the server (running php) a list of  
> selected modules
> 3.       Form processor will then deduce the exclusion list from the  
> inclusion list
> 4.       If some dependencies are found to be in the exclusion list,  
> we POST back a warning on the form about each missing dependency,   
> asking the user to confirm their desire not to include them
> 5.       Upon confirmation, we (remember these settings ? and)  
> communication will be POSTed back to the server where (Ant? Phing?  
> Something else?) will process the data and return a (file? Path to a  
> file?)
> (Please note we’re hoping to create an Infusion component to cover  
> some of this workflow, so the experience becomes even smoother).
> As you can see, there are gaps to fill here. Any ideas and feedback  
> to this process will be very much appreciated! Particularly, how PHP  
> could fire a shell script or execute a command line instruction.
> Jacob
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