rfid and special visitor tracking

Aaron Brown aaron at thebrownproject.com
Mon May 4 00:26:30 UTC 2009

I've been an occasional follower of the Fluid Engage threads and an idea 
just occurred to me connected with the RFID conversation.  I thought I'd 
toss it out there in case it's of interest to anyone...

I know the Fluid group has a history of special concern for 
accessibility and a sense of responsibility to serving all populations. 
  With that in mind, perhaps another demographic element that could be 
usefully tracked with RFID would be tracking the use of different parts 
of a museum space as correlated with things like wheelchair travel, 
deafness, and blindness.  If sensors are installed in non-exhibit places 
like wheelchair ramps and elevators, for example, then the museum could 
track the use of those conveniences and perhaps connect that data with 
the other museum areas which were visited - How many? How far away from 
the elevator? Was the museum explored differently by someone who did it 
on wheels, with a walker, or with limited or no sight?

Any tracking technology which can differentiate individuals would 
suffice for this, so that rules out something like simple infrared, for 
example, but RFID would be ideally suited.

Just a thought...

  - Aaron

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