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Dear Amy and Jennifer,

Thanks for the maps.  I think the conversation this morning was  
exceptionally helpful in structuring our thinking about what micro- 
project we might take on with the DIA.

Colin and I had a quick chat after the call and as he put it:  we have  
an opportunity to begin from the perspective of creating museum staff  
tour creation tools, with a gentle small step towards putting it in  
the hands of the user.  One way we can begin to realize that is to  
start working with the map you have and see how this can fit in with  
the current goals of the project.  I'm working on articulating the  
structure for our 3rd Quarter work, so expect to see that coming  
across in an email soon.

We're energized and excited by the possibilities!


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On Jul 13, 2009, at 12:19 PM, Amy Foley wrote:

> Please find attached two sets of maps (three floors each).  One set  
> is the public maps that Alison snapped photos of while here.  To  
> highlight the general concern of DIA keeping up to date that  
> Jennifer noted, these maps will very soon be out of date as they  
> indicate the soon to open (Feb 2010) Islamic galleries in the wrong  
> place.
> The second set is the more detailed version that I mentioned.  These  
> are the galleries as built and were drawn for us by the design firm  
> that worked on the reinstallation.  But again, they don't include  
> Islamic and some of the non-public spaces are not accurate.
> Let me know if you have any questions.  It was nice to speak with  
> you this morning.
> Best,
> Amy

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