VULAB-162 - Clearing out vulab/trunk/web

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Thu Jan 29 18:35:12 UTC 2009

Blake and David,

Nice to see you making progress on VULab!

Just a quick suggestion. You may not want to call your 0.5 branch "the  
release branch," since branches are intended for actual development  
work. The tag represents the release, while the branch represents a  
working space for further development of the 0.5.x line.

I also notice that your trunk consists of both the web and RASCAL  
modules, but your branch and tag only contain the web/ directory. If  
these are two discrete modules, you may find it less confusing to  
actually create a separate structure for each module. Alternatively,  
you may prefer to cut the tag for the whole product, not just a subset  
of it.


On 29-Jan-09, at 1:20 PM, electBlake wrote:

> Sweetness.
> Now we should clear out the trunk/web in preparation for the CakePHP  
> framework import.
> Here is the patch to empty the trunk/web. Once that is in I'll svn  
> update my local copy and then import the CakePHP core and then we  
> can start properly developing patches for 0.6!
> On 29-Jan-09, at 1:13 PM, David Makalsky wrote:
>> Branch fixed
>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:08 PM, electBlake <electblake at>  
>> wrote:
>>> I see the tag but I don't see the branch.

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