UX Toolkit. Whaa?

Moore, Kathleen E kemoore at bu.edu
Thu Jan 29 16:59:49 UTC 2009

Designer's Toolkit? 

Designer's Workshop? 

Designer's Bookshelf?

User-Centered Design Kitchen?

User-Centered Design Library?


It really is more like a set of tools than like a set of guidelines.




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I agree. "Toolkit" sounds like exactly that - if Im not interested in
learning how to use a new "tool" then I would never explore it.
I would miss out on a wealth of research information and guidlines.

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Erin Yu <erin.yu at utoronto.ca> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

As I was reorganizing the Fluid website, I was reminded of the
unintuitiveness(!) of the name "UX Toolkit". Some of the new members our
team were confused by the name as I was when I first heard it.

General reactions were:
"What is UX?"
"Toolkit sounds like it's something technical. Something developers
would use."
"Toolkit for user experience. What could it be... Is it like diagrams?"

If I was looking for information on say, "how to do user testing", I
would never think to click on something called "UX Toolkit". We have
great stuff in UX Toolkit, and I think it will be seen and used more if
the name was more intuitive, perhaps something like "Design Guidelines".

What do others think?


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