Date Picker Design iteration for Fluid Design Team meeting Tues.

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Wed Jan 28 22:37:51 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

Thanks so much for all the helpful feedback at the design team meeting  
today! Here is what Erin and I are currently planning to do based on  
your suggestions. If you have further thoughts, feel free to let us  
know, or just respond to this thread.

We plan to remove the yellow highlight of the currently active section  
(e.g. hours, minutes, AM/PM) of the Time Picker because it may make  
users feel like they *have* to fill it in, and there may also be  
accessibility issues with it appearing to give focus to an element  
which isn't really in focus.
We feel there should still be an option for a combined date and time  
picker in one field, as that is important in more than one Sakai  
context and we had great feedback on the combined field/tabbed Date- 
Time Picker in user testing. If it tests poorly after it's  
implemented, one option would be to display both the date and time  
picker at once (next to each other) without any tabs. This would cover  
a lot more of the screen, but if it was a necessary tradeoff to ensure  
users could understand how it works, it may be worth it.
Mike, could you let us know if after thinking about this more, you see  
accessibility issues with the tabbed time picker?
Due to the fact that people may enter the different fields in the Time  
Picker in any order (e.g. AM/PM could be first), we will close it only  
the user clicks outside the time picker,
the user tabs or presses enter while the time picker is open, OR
the user clicks on or selects (e.g. with the keyboard) something in  
Hour, Minutes, and AM/PM if a 12-hour picker, or Hour and Minutes if a  
24-hour picker
We will put 'Noon' above the text field for 12:00pm and 'Midnight  
(start of day)' above the text field for 12:00am. The idea is to  
prevent errors with users not realizing that midnight is actually  
considered the start of the day instead of the end. There is also a  
slight amount of ambiguity between midnight and noon, which this will  
also resolve. (see:
When there is an interactive prototype (or early version of the  
component) available, we'd like to recommend testing:
whether the tabs of the combined/tabbed Date-Time picker are  
confusing. If so, we may want to consider other design solutions for a  
combined Date-Time field.
whether users have problems figuring out how to close the time picker,  
especially if they are only selecting or changing one or two of the  
three options. We could test this by asking them to change a time from  
4pm to 5pm, for instance. If this causes confusion, we may want to  
consider putting the close button back.
whether there is a way to provide an accelerator to users of the Time  
Picker so they can only click one or two things and it will close  
(E.g. if values for Hour and AM/PM are selected, in any order, but not  
Minutes). At this point we don't feel we have enough information to do  
this and be sure it wouldn't be severely jarring for some users, so  
we're erring on the side of caution.
what a user does when they are asked to make an assignment due at 'the  
very end of the day.' Do they enter 11:59pm or midnight? Do they enter  
midnight on the *correct* day? If not, we may want to consider adding  
a message which is displayed the first time someone selects midnight,  
letting them know this will actually be the beginning of the selected  

Thanks again!
Allison & Erin

On Jan 27, 2009, at 10:55 AM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> We'll also be reviewing the Uploader Design Pattern that Paul has  
> been iterating on.
> See you in a few,
> -Daphne
> On Jan 26, 2009, at 11:32 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> We have made some changes to the date and time picker designs based  
>> on our second round of paper prototyping user testing results ( 
>> ).
>> We will be discussing the (near) final designs tomorrow at the  
>> Fluid Design Team meeting, at 11am PST/2pm EST on Breeze ( 
>> ). As always, anyone is welcome to attend this meeting, and if you  
>> will be there, it would be great if you could take a quick look at  
>> these storyboards first:
>>  - expect a few more notes tomorrow AM on what is happening in the  
>> later storyboards
>>  - Erin will be working on this Tues AM so changes may be made up  
>> to 10am PST/1pm EST
>> Developers especially may also be interested in checking out our  
>> storycards, which we are still actively iterating on. The Date  
>> Picker storycards are a bit more complete than time picker at this  
>> point.
>> We'd love to hear any feedback folks have on these deliverables.
>> Thanks!
>> Allison & Erin
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