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On 26-Jan-09, at 7:35 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Blake,
> On 26-Jan-09, at 7:19 PM, electBlake wrote:
>> - Short Version: I need to get the 0.6 framework - CakePHP - into  
>> the SVN but I want to preserve the VULab 0.5 in SVN as well.
>> The Problem
>> - VULab 0.5 is not going to be changed until further notice, BUT it  
>> may be in the future - this makes me learn away from tagging the  
>> version.
>> - VULab 0.6 is nothing like the original version and will be an  
>> import rather then a patch. I understand a branch as making a copy  
>> of the trunk (or a release) and developing it independently of the  
>> version in the trunk.
>> Do we tag? Do we branch?
> Good question. Here's my two cents; hopefully others will contribute  
> their thoughts.
> In SVN, tagging also makes a copy of the code. That said, it's not  
> typical to modify the tag once you've cut it.
> In this case, I might actually do both: cut a tag representing the  
> 0.5 release, create a branch for legacy 0.5.x development, and start  
> working on the 0.6 line in trunk.
> Colin

This approach makes a lot of sense to me and it seems to cover all of  
our bases. As long as svn storage space isn't a concern I think this  
is a good plan. On the other hand, If we are considering hard-drive  
space as an issue, I should note that that if we tag and branch 0.5,  
there is a good chance that in 2 months we will see another 0.5.x tag  
cut from the 0.5.x branch.

I have a feeling that hard-drive space isn't a major concern in these  
sort of dilemmas as the priorities are: having milestone versions of  
our code isolated within the svn as well as having a strong code  
revision history to dive back into.

If there are no other thoughts or red flags that anyone sees, tomorrow  
(after some final commits are done) I'm going to recommend that we  
take the tag & branch approach with vulab 0.5, and do a svn import of  
the latest stable CakePHP code into the trunk.
( )

- Blake

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