VULab 0.5 - SVN Branch? Tag?

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Tue Jan 27 00:35:51 UTC 2009


On 26-Jan-09, at 7:19 PM, electBlake wrote:
> - Short Version: I need to get the 0.6 framework - CakePHP - into  
> the SVN but I want to preserve the VULab 0.5 in SVN as well.
> The Problem
> - VULab 0.5 is not going to be changed until further notice, BUT it  
> may be in the future - this makes me learn away from tagging the  
> version.
> - VULab 0.6 is nothing like the original version and will be an  
> import rather then a patch. I understand a branch as making a copy  
> of the trunk (or a release) and developing it independently of the  
> version in the trunk.
> Do we tag? Do we branch?

Good question. Here's my two cents; hopefully others will contribute  
their thoughts.

In SVN, tagging also makes a copy of the code. That said, it's not  
typical to modify the tag once you've cut it.

In this case, I might actually do both: cut a tag representing the 0.5  
release, create a branch for legacy 0.5.x development, and start  
working on the 0.6 line in trunk.


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