Whats Your Development Env. ?

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Thanks for the breakdown! I do have something like that setup now, and  
it seems to be working for me. One of the hurtles I'm trying to  
overcome is displaying the changes while patches are being reviewed.

I've actually already recieved a GREAT response on this thread and  
I've been digesting everything in it. It outlined a great system of  
using MacFuse to handle the files in a ftp style with ssh, and then  
using your own ssh users' workspace mapped to a unique user url  
(username.domain.com for instance)

I've been working hard trying to get it setup, and had some success.  
But - I don't seem to have the privileges I need on vulab.yorku.ca to  
add virtualhosts or manipulate the live www files.  (I've ask David  
Makalsky to help me in contacting right people at york)

Overall, I just like having some sort of public accessible development  
version of the site so those who are not equipped to read through  
patches can see the progress as it happens, "nightly builds" as it  
were :)

Thanks again for your input and I'll let you know how the solution  
works out!


On 26-Jan-09, at 6:54 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Blake,
> I haven't done a ton of server-side development in a while, but in  
> the past I've preferred to have a reasonable development environment  
> set up locally on my laptop that mirrors my deployment environment  
> closely. So in your case, a working Apache/PHP/MySQL stack  
> configured similarly to your server.
> At that point, you should be able to develop directly in a working  
> copy of your code checked out from SVN, testing in a realistic  
> environment throughout. At various stages in your dev workflow-- 
> perhaps after getting a new feature committed to SVN--you may also  
> want to sync up your server and test there as well.
> Colin
> On 20-Jan-09, at 4:14 PM, electBlake wrote:
>> Calling All Code Junkies!
>> Blake here, from the VULab project and I'm having problems figuring  
>> out a good way to setup my development workflow.
>> My Preference.
>> I enjoy working on a live development server so I can fully see how  
>> my php code is going to behave on a standard LAMP situation, as  
>> such I also enjoy using an integrated ftp code writing client.
>> The Problem.
>> York University, where VULab is hosted is like many other private  
>> and secure server clusters that don't allow the ftp protocol to be  
>> used to access their servers. The sftp option falls short as with  
>> my current permissions I need to sudo <cmd> to have write access.
>> The Current Situation.
>> Currently I am biting the bullet and I am developing the site  
>> locally, and then submitting my patches to svn and after the  
>> patches have been committed I ssh into the server (vulab.yorku.ca)  
>> and checkout the latest from the svn. This works but like I stated  
>> in My Preference, I enjoy seeing my code on the final server setup  
>> asap.
>> The Solution(s)?
>> I am curious as to how you other fluid'ers are developing and what  
>> your workflow is. Be as details or straight forward as possible. I  
>> am new to working within a svn workflow so I feel like I am missing  
>> something.
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