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Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Sat Jan 24 21:05:14 UTC 2009


Jess and I met on Thursday to get caught up and talk about design  
priorities over the next few months.   We are going to slightly tweak  
our focus for the next couple of iterations to gain some momentum on  
the OSPDL and and UX Toolkit.  Below is the roadmap we outlined.  The  
current iteration plan should represent these priorities (http://issues.fluidproject.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10183 
).  There are still a few tasks that need to get assigned between  
Allison and I and we'll do that Monday.  Questions, comments, etc.?

We can catch up verbally about it at the beginning of our design  
meeting on Tuesday.

High priority activities for next 2 iterations (not in any particular  

1) Updating (release-ready) patterns for current components
-- Pager - Erin
-- Drag & Drop (3 patterns) - Daphne
-- Inline Edit - Allison
-- Uploader - review

2) Getting UX toolkit in releasable shape
-- User Testing - Allison & Daphne to share
-- UX Walkthroughs - Paul & Jonathon working on this
-- Renaming - Erin to champion
-- Persona pages organization - Allison &/or Daphne
-- Design Patterns in the wiki - Paul
-- Contextual Inquiry - Allison &/or Daphne
-- User Modeling pages - Allison &/or Daphne

3) Pager Accessibility (need to talk to Justin to understand what  
needs to be done here)

4) Date Picker - wrap up design post-user testing.  Make sure current  
thinking and knowledge is captured and that it is  in a place that we  
can pick it back up in the future.
- Allison & Erin will have these tasks in the iteration plan by EOD  

5) Create list of goodie component designs (meant for others to pick  
up and implement) - Jess, Daphne & Colin

6) Website - Erin

7) UI Options - Gary

For iteration 27 (March):

1) Designs for rich text inline edit - Daphne & Allison

2) Further clean up of UX Toolkit & pattern library as needed - all

3) Reassess date picker and time picker -- where is jquery?

4) UI Options - Gary


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