New iteration of UI Options wireframes

Justin justin.obara at
Fri Jan 23 18:52:45 UTC 2009


It seems like I missed a few of the wireframes, thought they were the  
old ones.

I like the idea of having "clear" for each option section, and how it  
highlights the affected items. I'm not sure clear is an appropriate  
word here. What would it mean for the font size, contrast, layout, or  
a set of radio buttons?

I have added some more comments in line below


On 23-Jan-09, at 12:47 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> Very nice work Gary! I have just a few comments:
> Re: #1, I would agree that radio buttons make more sense here, as I  
> think it is less ambiguous. Additionally, it follows the format you  
> use other places, Like "Table of Contents" in "Easier to Find."

Checkboxes are used for boolean options. For example the Background  
images section could just have a checkbox only and the checkbox should  
be able to satisfy the question of yes or no by itself. For example,  
in the wireframes there is a checkbox for options like Underline. In  
the case of background images specifically, I think the wording  
probably needs to be changed regardless of input type. I'm assuming  
that selecting yes would show background images, but it could just as  
easily mean to remove them because they are interfering. It really  
depends on what the question is (Do I want to see background images?  
or Do I want the component to handle background images?) I may not be  
thinking of this like a typical user though.

> In the "In my Language" section, I think it would help clarify  
> things to make the label "Text Alternatives" as it is on the  
> header.  The way it is now, it almost seems like users are being  
> given alternatives to having the language of the site be in English.

I was assuming that this meant the implementor could register  
alternative language sets. For example in Canada there may be an  
English and a French version and in the US there may be an English and  
Spanish version. If this is correct, does this mean that they would  
have to supply a language pack for the UI Options component as well?

>> #2 - Thanks for reading my mind Jacob.  I am assuming that no one  
>> will want to make the text spacing less than 100% ("normal"), where  
>> the slider handle is flush left because that is the minimum value.

Okay. I see what you guys are saying now. I was reading it as 0% being  
no spacing and 100% being maximum spacing. Maybe if it was represented  
as a multiplier such as 1X being normal and moving up from there...  
Although I don't know if this could be conveyed as succinctly.

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