Whats Your Development Env. ?

electBlake electblake at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 21:14:36 UTC 2009

Calling All Code Junkies!

Blake here, from the VULab project and I'm having problems figuring  
out a good way to setup my development workflow.

My Preference.
I enjoy working on a live development server so I can fully see how my  
php code is going to behave on a standard LAMP situation, as such I  
also enjoy using an integrated ftp code writing client.

The Problem.
York University, where VULab is hosted is like many other private and  
secure server clusters that don't allow the ftp protocol to be used to  
access their servers. The sftp option falls short as with my current  
permissions I need to sudo <cmd> to have write access.

The Current Situation.
Currently I am biting the bullet and I am developing the site locally,  
and then submitting my patches to svn and after the patches have been  
committed I ssh into the server (vulab.yorku.ca) and checkout the  
latest from the svn. This works but like I stated in My Preference, I  
enjoy seeing my code on the final server setup asap.

The Solution(s)?
I am curious as to how you other fluid'ers are developing and what  
your workflow is. Be as details or straight forward as possible. I am  
new to working within a svn workflow so I feel like I am missing  

- Blake

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