What should be in Fluid-all.js?

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Tue Jan 20 16:02:20 UTC 2009

First, a general point:

Files end up in Fluid-all.js because they are explicitly listed in  
build.properties. It is a not-uncommon mistake for a developer who  
creates a new file to forget to update build.properties. That said:

> There are a couple of javascript files that we ship in our bundle  
> that are not included in Fluid-all:
> InlineEditIntegrations.js

Oops, maybe?

> jquery.tinymce.js

Possibly oops...

> There are also javascript files that we only use in samples that are  
> not included in Fluid-all like the tinymce and fck editors.

If the samples themselves are not included in Fluid-all.js, then the  
JS files they use should not be included, I would think.

> So what are we trying to accomplish with Fluid-all? I think the  
> answer is we want it to be really easy for people integrating our  
> components. Basically, just drop in a single javascript file and  
> away they go.

That's my understanding, too.

> They can do that today but not if they want to use rich text inline  
> edit. Fair enough since rich text inline edit is in sneak peak mode  
> but what about going forward? It would be crazy to include all  
> possible rich text editors but do we want to include one?

This is a good question. I'm trying to remember the discussions we had  
at the time we put together the rich-text inline edit. If I recall,  
the *idea* was that we were delivering an Inline Edit that could have  
a rich-text editor plugged in, but not delivering the rich-text  
editors. That's why the file is called InlineEditIntegrations instead  
of RichTextInlineEdit. But we do need to figure out the correct path  

> In essence that's what we are doing with Uploader. We include swf  
> but not Gears. Regardless of what we decide we really need to  
> document this somewhere.
> I think at the very least, the two files I mentioned above that  
> contain Fluid code that supports rich text inline edit should be  
> included in Fluid-all. Thoughts?

Still not sure about this...

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