Some ideas for FLUID-1872

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Thu Jan 15 21:18:30 UTC 2009

On 15-Jan-09, at 1:43 PM, Jacob Farber wrote:
> 1) Could'nt we clean up the samples to become exemplars?

All of our samples should be exemplars :-)

However: The files that you created as springboards contain generic  
data ("item 1," "item 2," etc.), very suitable for cut and paste. The  
files the the sample-code folder have more 'sample' data (for example,  
the conference planning list).

Do we want to have both kinds of samples, and just call them all  
"functional demos?"

> 2) As for the semantics for "real-world" perhaps it could be  
> something like "implementations" or "partner-demos" or "use-cases".
> I would think a full instance of, say, Sakai wouldnt matter since  
> its a demo of client-side functionality with the assumption the  
> project implementor has intimite knownledge of their own system (ie.  
> a uPortal person doesnt need to see how we set up uPortal proper,  
> just whats expected of them on the front-end and they could make the  
> necessary changes in their uPortal instance.). Please correct me if  
> Im wrong, but as long as the markup is what the app spits out  
> normally, then they shouldnt have a problem. The whole system doesnt  
> need to be up and running to showcase a small peice of functionality.

I agree that we don't want or need a full sakai instance. I'm  
concerned that someone seeing the phrase "real-world-demos" *might*  
expect it to be a sakai instance, and I'm only wondering if we might  
want a different name. But I could just be being pedantic :-)

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