Some ideas for FLUID-1872

Jacob Farber at
Thu Jan 15 16:47:19 UTC 2009

Things are getting pretty crowded in our current folder structure. Im
thinking we could group things by purpose rather than a mixing a lot of
things together. There's a lot of crossover, so there would be plenty of
READMEs and dynamic references I think.

   - webapp/
      - fluid-components/
      - fss/
         - flash/
         - templates/
         - js/
      - real-world-demos/
         - sakai/
         - uPortal/
         - bSpace/
         - jQuery/
      - functional-demos/
         - inline-edit/
         - keyboard-a11y/
         - pager/
         - renderer/
         - reorderer/
         - ui-options/
         - fss/
      - tests/
      - WEB-INF/

I think it may be long, but its pretty straightforward. If you want to
learn, functional-demos is for you. If you're a partner and you want to see
specific implementations, real-world-demos is for you. fluid-components
would be framework + dev content only. No mixing of stuff.

Any thoughts?


Jacob Farber
University of Toronto - ATRC
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