[OSDPL] Feedback requested: proposed pattern workflow

Paul Zablosky Paul.Zablosky at ubc.ca
Wed Jan 14 23:06:21 UTC 2009

This looks very good Jonathan. It is simple and straightforward, and I 
don't think it would cause any problems for authors.  I have a couple of 

   1. If an author submits a pattern for public comment, and then
      requests a review, does the pattern remain visible to registered
      users, and can they still make comments while the review/edit
      process is going on?
   2. If an author submits a pattern for review, can they subsequently
      request public comments while the review/edit process is going on,
      and prior to publication?


Jonathan Hung wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Over the next 3 to 4 months, we will be making a push to get the Open
> Source Design Pattern library sustainable. In order to reach that
> point, there is a roadmap for the work to be completed. Part of that
> roadmap includes the implementation of a flexible pattern workflow
> that helps guide a pattern author from draft to publication, while
> allowing input from the community throughout the process.
> I would like to get your opinion on the following proposed workflow.
> The workflow aims to balance the author's comfort and privacy, while
> allowing for a larger community to have their input on a design
> pattern.
> Please examine the attached diagram. The main points to get from this workflow:
> - While in "Draft" state, the pattern is visible only to the author.
> The author can save and revise their patterns as they wish.
> - While in "Request for Public Comments" state, all registered users
> on the OSDPL can view and comment on the pattern. The public internet
> will not be able to see the patten (although anyone can register for
> an account). Such patterns are clearly indicated as "Work in Progress"
> as to not confuse it with "Published" patterns.
> - While in "Request for Review", pattern Editors review the pattern
> and collaborate with the pattern author to get it to a polished state.
> - To have a pattern stamped as "Reviewed", the author must: request a
> review; and have an Editor review and publish the pattern.
> - For flexibility, the pattern author can publish their pattern at any
> time. But doing so will cause their pattern to be stamped as "Not
> Reviewed".
> -- this allows for immediate visibility to the world and could create
> some interesting interactions.
> -- registered users will be able to comment, rank, and flag patterns.
> -- it is possible to remove a pattern from the public and considered
> on a case-by-case basis.
> Throughout the workflow notifications are sent to the relevant parties
> alerting them that new content is available for them view, comment, or
> review (in the case of an Editor). All patterns that are recently
> published or in a "Request for Public Comments" state will be featured
> clearly and easily accessible on the site (after some improvements to
> the site's look and feel).
> What are your thoughts on this? Too complicated? Not open enough?
> Needs more community involvement during the workflow?
> We aim to start work early next week, so your feedback is appreciated!
> For more information on the workflow, timeline of work, and other
> proposed work, please see this wiki page:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/x/kQNS
> - Jonathan.
> PS. While designing this workflow I felt like a politician....
> Balancing the rights of the individual while benefiting the greater
> good. Excuse me while I go and get this awful taste out of my mouth.
> :)
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