Try new Dynamictasklist2 macro in the Fluid wiki?

Justin justin.obara at
Wed Jan 7 17:02:53 UTC 2009

I'd be happy to use an improved version of the task list. I find the  
current one quite limiting at times.

  - Justin
On 7-Jan-09, at 11:45 AM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> Hi there,
> Yesterday when Erin and I were creating a task list in Confluence ( 
> ) to manage some finer grained tasks that we didn't want to put in  
> JIRA. I noticed that on our list and Jacob's task list ( 
> ) we are using an older version of the {dynamictasklist} macro,  
> which unfortunately doesn't have the ability to assign people to  
> tasks until they complete them (which is a feature we were looking  
> for).
> I found information on {dynamictasklist}-2 macro: 
> , which we actually already have installed. To activate it, we need  
> to disable the "Dynamic Task List Macros" (which is what is creating  
> our dynamictasklists now) in the Confluence Plug-in as it is  
> overriding {dynamictasklist}-2 right now. I tried this last night  
> and things seemed to work OK, though I did notice a bug in the  
> {dynamictasklist}-2 at one point (which Daphne & Eli didn't  
> encounter) where an error message would come up that I couldn't  
> clear, and ended up having to force-quit Firefox.
> However, I think {dynamictasklist}-2 is worth trying as it has a ton  
> of really great features, such as:
> inline editing of task descriptions
> ability to assign people to tasks before they complete them
> drag and drop reordering of tasks
> ability to assign priority to tasks
> documentation of the date the task was created
> ability to lock tasks
> ability to sort tasks by the taskname, the assignee, the priority  
> and completed date
> "One of the benefits of Confluence Dynamic Tasklist 2 over previous  
> task lists is that all data is stored in the page. Most people will  
> find it easier to edit the tasklist using the web-interface, but if  
> you want to edit or even create the tasklist directly, you can do so  
> by editing the page itself. You can see an example of the tasklist  
> wiki-markup below."
> Finally, it is possible to go back and forth from the old  
> {dynamictasklist} macro to the new one. From the new macro's info  
> page:
> "Confluence has shipped with older tasklist macros:  
> {dynamictasklist1} and {tasklist}, This plugin is designed to  
> replace those macros. In order for it to work, the older tasklist  
> macros must be disabled. You can disable the older "Dynamic Plugin  
> Macros" from the Plugin Manager (Administration -> Plugins). Once  
> the older tasklists are disabled:
>     * When someone views a page containing an older version of the  
> tasklist, the display will show the new format but the page will not  
> be updated.
>     * On first edit of the tasklist from the UI, the data will be  
> converted to the new format.
> The data in the old format is not harmed. Should you wish to revert  
> to the older macro, you must 1) renable the old macros, and 2)  
> revert any page that has been automatically modified (that is, any  
> page containing a tasklist that has been modified) to the earlier  
> version."
> What do folks think--would it be OK to give they new  
> dynamictasklist2 macro a try and see how it works for us?
> Cheers,
> Allison
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