Try new Dynamictasklist2 macro in the Fluid wiki?

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Wed Jan 7 16:45:25 UTC 2009

Hi there,

Yesterday when Erin and I were creating a task list in Confluence ( 
) to manage some finer grained tasks that we didn't want to put in  
JIRA. I noticed that on our list and Jacob's task list ( 
) we are using an older version of the {dynamictasklist} macro, which  
unfortunately doesn't have the ability to assign people to tasks until  
they complete them (which is a feature we were looking for).

I found information on {dynamictasklist}-2 macro: 
, which we actually already have installed. To activate it, we need to  
disable the "Dynamic Task List Macros" (which is what is creating our  
dynamictasklists now) in the Confluence Plug-in as it is overriding  
{dynamictasklist}-2 right now. I tried this last night and things  
seemed to work OK, though I did notice a bug in the  
{dynamictasklist}-2 at one point (which Daphne & Eli didn't encounter)  
where an error message would come up that I couldn't clear, and ended  
up having to force-quit Firefox.

However, I think {dynamictasklist}-2 is worth trying as it has a ton  
of really great features, such as:

inline editing of task descriptions
ability to assign people to tasks before they complete them
drag and drop reordering of tasks
ability to assign priority to tasks
documentation of the date the task was created
ability to lock tasks
ability to sort tasks by the taskname, the assignee, the priority and  
completed date
"One of the benefits of Confluence Dynamic Tasklist 2 over previous  
task lists is that all data is stored in the page. Most people will  
find it easier to edit the tasklist using the web-interface, but if  
you want to edit or even create the tasklist directly, you can do so  
by editing the page itself. You can see an example of the tasklist  
wiki-markup below."

Finally, it is possible to go back and forth from the old  
{dynamictasklist} macro to the new one. From the new macro's info page:

"Confluence has shipped with older tasklist macros: {dynamictasklist1}  
and {tasklist}, This plugin is designed to replace those macros. In  
order for it to work, the older tasklist macros must be disabled. You  
can disable the older "Dynamic Plugin Macros" from the Plugin Manager  
(Administration -> Plugins). Once the older tasklists are disabled:

     * When someone views a page containing an older version of the  
tasklist, the display will show the new format but the page will not  
be updated.
     * On first edit of the tasklist from the UI, the data will be  
converted to the new format.

The data in the old format is not harmed. Should you wish to revert to  
the older macro, you must 1) renable the old macros, and 2) revert any  
page that has been automatically modified (that is, any page  
containing a tasklist that has been modified) to the earlier version."

What do folks think--would it be OK to give they new dynamictasklist2  
macro a try and see how it works for us?


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