Alison Benjamin radiocontrolled at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 01:51:26 UTC 2009


Here is a patch that enhances the Undo subcomponent for Inline Edit
and will hopefully improve UX for screen reader users. It is a
sub-issue of Fluid-2652: During user testing of Inline Edit, JAWS
users didn't notice the presence of "undo" and "redo" features after
they'd saved edits. You can access undo/redo by keyboard navigation,
but this means that the user will only discover undo or redo if they
are tabbing around. ARIA seemed like a good fit for addressing this

In this patch, in the undo subcomponent's options, the renderer (the
function that renders the markup for the undo controls) gets the ARIA
live region properties of aria-live = polite and aria-relevant=all.
I've tested this with NVDA & JAWS 10 & FF3.

In the Quickstart inline edit demo & bspace Sakai inline edit demo
where this options default is changed (the undo/redo links are images
instead of text), I made sure the markup had these ARIA values as
well. Unfortunately, unlike NVDA, JAWS didn't seem to announce
additions of images like it does with text even though there are alt &
title tags. I tried a number of tactics (label for, aria-labelledby)
which also didn't work. In the end, hiding the undo/redo links
offscreen finally made this work with JAWS.



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