Infusion Builder next steps for the 1.2 release

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Thu Aug 27 20:02:52 UTC 2009

Hi Colin,
> It occurred to me today that another upcoming task is creating the UX, 
> UI for the downloads section of the website which includes this new 
> custom-build functionality. Presuming the QA, load testing and 
> security testing all work out, we'll want this tool on the website and 
> integrated with the current downloads.
> Would you suggest some designer cycles on this (I know Jacob and Erin 
> are crazy busy), or shall I take a stab at it.
> Laurel
> Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> Justin, Laurel, and I chatted briefly today about the Infusion 
>> Builder and what needs to get done at a high level before it will be 
>> ready for the Infusion 1.2 release.
>> As you remember, the Builder will be a feature on our Web site that 
>> allows developers to create their own custom builds of Infusion, 
>> choosing the components and features they want "a la carte." Unlike 
>> our previous build scripts, this will provide a friendly user 
>> interface for picking and choosing amongst the features offered in 
>> Infusion. The Builder is itself build using the Infusion framework.
>> Next steps:
>>  1. Jamon and Laurel work together to do a security review of the 
>> server-side code
>>  2. Get the Builder up on our Web site so we can try it out in a 
>> realistic environment (Laurel)
>>  3. Create a QA test plan for the Builder (Alison with Justin's help?)
>>  4. Devise a set of load tests to ensure it will scale to a 
>> reasonable volume of concurrent users (Laurel)
>> I think this will be an awesome addition to Infusion.
>> Colin
>> ---
>> Colin Clark
>> Technical Lead, Fluid Project
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