load testing for customBuild

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 27 18:07:57 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've been playing with jMeter for load testing the customBuild tool and 
am fairly happy with my success so far. I've figured out how to load the 
customBuild page (1) and how to hit the server side code to activate the 
build script and download the resulting file (2).

What doesn't seem to be possible is to actually do both those things in 
an extended script. This is because jMeter does not execute javascript. 
So the page returned from (1) contains all the required data to create 
the customBuild page, but does not render the page because that is done 
via javascript. Since the part of (1) that I am most concerned about in 
terms of loading is obtaining the data to render the page, I'm not 
feeling too stressed about this limitation.

I've created a separate jMeter script for (2) to take sample data and 
post it to the server side script, which then activates the build script 
and eventually download the results. Again, I've had to do this directly 
rather than simulate clicking the check boxes and the submit button on 
the rendered page (since I don't get a rendered page). As with (1) I'm 
not too worried about this, since I think the biggest load concern is 
not the interaction with the page, but with the submit and the response.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far, but feel like I should check 
with others.
Does anyone see any reason why we should be concerned about the parts of 
the process that I'm currently ignoring/bypassing?


***Before anyone starts to hyperventilate - actual load testing will not 
happen until we have a space to test that won't bring down the website!! 
Right now I'm just experimenting with the process.
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