A new look for Fluid Demos

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 26 14:41:32 UTC 2009

Thanks for the great feedback!
I didn't really explain the mockups too well, but my intention for "More Info" was a direct link to the in-depth wiki article for each item (like this one<http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Progress>), which *should* have the details you are looking for. The actual demo page itself should also have that information, I think.

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This will be a HUGE benefit to Fluid's prospective adopters. A couple of
questions. Should "View Demo" be "Try Demo"? Also, in "More Info", you
may want to include a description of how the components work, especially
wrt keyboard and screen reader use. Thank you for doing this and looks


Jacob Farber wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> So, we've been thinking about a new look and feel for showcasing Fluid
> work (Infusion or otherwise), including how the code works and how to
> integrate it into your own project. We have a few places where this
> happens now, including the http://build.fluidproject.org site and the
> http://fluidproject.org/products/infusion/infusion-demos/ space.
> However, these spaces need to better facilitate the core issues of
> learning/exploring and integrating what you need.
> With that in mind, I attached some (very!) rough concepts for a Demo
> portal page and a component demo page. There are a couple points shown
> here:
> 1. Less is more - less reading, more exploring
> 2. No assumptions - this should appeal to people who are seeing this
> material for the first time as well as people experienced with Infusion
> 3. Instant gratification - you should be able to find the demo you
> want right away, and get up and running with little effort. No view
> sourcing, no firebugging, no "how does this work?!"
> There are probably tons of things that could be added to this, but
> simplicity is key. That being said, I would love to hear any feedback!
> Thanks
> Jacob
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