Decapod mockups and wireframes show and tell

Jonathan Hung jhung.utoronto at
Wed Aug 26 14:29:23 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

On Monday August 31, I will be doing a show-and-tell of the current Decapod
design through wireframes and mockups. We will also cover 3 key path

1. A user creates a new Decapod book project from scratch
2. A user resumes the first book project and exports it to PDF
3. A user batch exports multiple Decapod projects to PDF

The meeting will begin at 9:30am and end at 11am.
The meeting will be in the Fluid-Collab Breeze conference room:

Hope to see you there!

- Jonathan.

Jonathan Hung / jhung.utoronto at
Fluid Project - ATRC at University of Toronto
Tel: (416) 946-3002
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