A separate project for Fluid Engage in Jira

Justin Obara justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 26 02:09:09 UTC 2009


I have moved several jiras from the Fluid Infusion jira project over  
to the new Fluid Engage project.

For anyone who has filed jiras or is assigned to one that should be  
moved, please do so.

As an update, it seems like you can only move multiple issues at once,  
by moving the a parent issue (this will also move all of the  
children). Do note that you will still have to go and update the  
components section of each jira individually.

Please let me know if you are having any trouble with the new jira  
project or need any help with the moving of jiras.

Thank you to everyone for your help with this, and for those who have  
already started to use the Fluid Engage project in jira.

- Justin
On 25-Aug-09, at 1:45 PM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Hello,
> I have setup a new space in Jira for Fluid Engage. This will be the  
> place where all Engage related issues and tasks should now be filed.  
> I'll be moving over our the issues but leaving the tasks for the  
> creators to move over, as per Vicki's suggestion.
> Please transfer over you tasks as soon as possible,
> Here are the instructions.
> -  select 'move this issue' in the left nav for an issue
> - you should be able to batch move multiple issues into the new  
> Fluid Engage project.
> You should be able to see the new project space by clicking "Browse  
> Project" in the top navigation bar.
> I have also renamed the Fluid space to Fluid Infusion to help avoid  
> any confusion. This won't affect the issue numbers at all.
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 24-Aug-09, at 12:15 PM, Victoria Moulder wrote:
>> Hi Justin,
>> Having separate channels for viewing Fluid Engaged and Infusion  
>> tasks in Jira would be more efficient!
>> Leaving all Infusion tasks related to Infusion in their current  
>> location, and migrating the Fluid Engaged task to a channel named  
>> "Engaged" sounds good.
>> My only suggestion would be that the folks who created the  
>> "Engaged" tasks, be responsible for closing them out and moving  
>> them to the new location - so that any errors or omissions could be  
>> avoided?
>> Best, Vicki
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>> Subject: A separate project for Fluid Engage in Jira
>> Hello,
>> We are edging ever closer to releasing Infusion 1.2 and Engage 0.1.
>> Currently we are using the same jira project to house the tasks/ 
>> issues
>> for both of these projects.
>> I propose that we should create a new project for engage, while
>> leaving the current one "Fluid" for the Infusion line.
>> This will allow us to keep these lines separate, allowing for easier
>> tracking of and reduce confusion that may be caused especially when  
>> it
>> comes to version numbering in Jira.
>> The down side is that we will have to remember to keep track of two
>> projects. That means filing jiras and committing with the correct  
>> one.
>> There will undoubtedly be some mistakes made along the way.
>> Creating the new space will require a couple of things. First, we  
>> will
>> have to move all of the current engage related jiras to the new  
>> space.
>> Michelle has looked into this and it appears that we should be able  
>> to
>> do a bulk move of the necessary jiras. Secondly we will have to  
>> create
>> a new project key. The Project key is what is displayed in front of
>> the issue number, and should be both short and meaningful. For  
>> example
>> we currently see something such as FLUID-111. One suggestion would be
>> to use Engage. That would look something like this Engage-111.
>> Please let me know what you think of this idea to create another Jira
>> project for Fluid Engage and any suggestions for the project key.
>> Thanks
>> Justin
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