My tasks for this iteration

tona monjo tonamonjo at
Tue Aug 25 19:24:22 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've updated JIRA with my tasks for next two weeks:

FLUID-2976: iPhone: refine mobile design with feedback from museums
[shared with JY] --as James mentioned in a previous message--.

ENGAGE-7: iPhone hi-fi mockups: update mockups with new screens from
the current mobile wireframes [shared with JY]

ENGAGE-8: iPhone hi-fi mockups: create a set of icons for options and
other features [shared with JY]

ENGAGE-9: iPhone hi-fi mockups: prepare new skins, to have completely
different possibilities from the existing one [shared with JY]

ENGAGE-10: Read in depth the wiki’s documentation on mapping, to get a
complete idea of the current context of work.

ENGAGE-11: iPhone: sketch conditions to conduct some user tests of
mobile design at  Barcelona (shared with AJ)



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