Mobile-specific tools in Infusion?

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Fri Aug 21 21:54:58 UTC 2009

Hey Michelle,

On 20-Aug-09, at 10:25 AM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

>> Chatting about this with Michelle, she raised some concern about  
>> including code in Infusion that isn't tested or useful across the  
>> full range of A-grade desktop browsers. She suggested the idea of a  
>> separate, mobile-specific product or "module" for Infusion that  
>> would be separately packaged and distributed.
> Thinking about this more I think this isn't the best way to go for  
> two reasons. First, the extra overhead a separate product would  
> require and secondly where would we ship components that work both  
> on the desktop and on the mobile? Likely a long term goal for us is  
> to have most components work in both places. Perhaps, as Colin  
> suggested, documentation is the answer.

Definitely our goal goal will be to ensure that every Infusion  
component will work nicely on both the desktop and mobile  
environments, at least where this makes sense. So, for example,  
InlineEdit or Pager would be great to have in mobile-optimized  
configurations. Uploader, on the other hand, might be less useful or  
necessary on a mobile device.

In the meantime, we can clearly label mobile components as such and  
expand our browser support pages.

> I still think it will be confusing for users taking a quick look at  
> the Infusion product. Like most users, I'd look at the demos before  
> reading any docs. My browser of choice is FF3 and when I recently  
> took a quick look at the Navigation List component that Justin has  
> just started building I was quite surprised that an empty page  
> loaded. Now given the newness of this component that could very well  
> have been the expected results as Justin may have been working on  
> the back end of the code first however, opening the same demo in  
> Safari gave me a lovely demo of the component.
> It just occurred to me that shipping an html page at the top level  
> of our product that linked into the demos would help solve this  
> issue. We could then organize the list of components in such a way  
> that it's really clear where they should work. This would also help  
> us maintain the nightly build site by distributing the work of  
> updating the page that links to components.

This makes a ton of sense to me. Shipping a welcome page with Infusion  
will help a lot. To go with this, we're also starting to design a  
whole new demos portal for our Web site. Let's make sure this new  
portal clearly identifies the mobile components and make it easy for  
the user to see which browser they will need to preview them in.

Great feedback. Keep it coming!


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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