Infusion Builder next steps for the 1.2 release

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Fri Aug 21 19:51:29 UTC 2009

Hey everyone,

Justin, Laurel, and I chatted briefly today about the Infusion Builder  
and what needs to get done at a high level before it will be ready for  
the Infusion 1.2 release.

As you remember, the Builder will be a feature on our Web site that  
allows developers to create their own custom builds of Infusion,  
choosing the components and features they want "a la carte." Unlike  
our previous build scripts, this will provide a friendly user  
interface for picking and choosing amongst the features offered in  
Infusion. The Builder is itself build using the Infusion framework.

Next steps:
  1. Jamon and Laurel work together to do a security review of the  
server-side code
  2. Get the Builder up on our Web site so we can try it out in a  
realistic environment (Laurel)
  3. Create a QA test plan for the Builder (Alison with Justin's help?)
  4. Devise a set of load tests to ensure it will scale to a  
reasonable volume of concurrent users (Laurel)

I think this will be an awesome addition to Infusion.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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