Prep for mobile user testing and demoing

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Thu Aug 20 16:03:49 UTC 2009

Just an update on what we're up to in terms of mobile design. We're
still building new screens, revising old ones, creating variations of
existing ones, and getting feedback and direction from Hugues
(McCord), Nicole (McCord), Nancy (SI American Art), and Titus
(Experius). One of our next steps is to start doing some user testing
of the wireframes.

In preparation for doing some of that user testing and demoing, we
have a couple of tasks ahead of us:

1. Write up the user testing protocol: Erin's been working on writing
up a testing protocol for our wireframes. They can found here:
; comments, revisions are very welcome as usual!

2. Set up the testing platform: we're planning to use
wireframes-in-screen testing to give faux-functionality, a la recent
publication by Bolchini (
In a nutshell, we'll have images of the wireframes on the mobile
device, with clickable hot spots which transition the user to the next
appropriate screen (=  image = wireframe). Jacob's helping us maintain
a sense of the mobile experience by using the screen navigator to get
that sliding screen transition effect between screens.


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