Mobile-specific tools in Infusion?

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It also nicely dovetails with some work we're doing for the final  
report -- shazammm!

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On Aug 20, 2009, at 11:25 AM, Jacob Farber wrote:

> I like the idea of this demo experience. I think this idea works  
> well with our comprehensive demo portal concept.
> Jacob
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> Hi,
>> Chatting about this with Michelle, she raised some concern about
>> including code in Infusion that isn't tested or useful across the
>> full range of A-grade desktop browsers. She suggested the idea of a
>> separate, mobile-specific product or "module" for Infusion that
>> would be separately packaged and distributed.
> Thinking about this more I think this isn't the best way to go for two
> reasons. First, the extra overhead a separate product would require
> and secondly where would we ship components that work both on the
> desktop and on the mobile? Likely a long term goal for us is to have
> most components work in both places. Perhaps, as Colin suggested,
> documentation is the answer.
> I still think it will be confusing for users taking a quick look at
> the Infusion product. Like most users, I'd look at the demos before
> reading any docs. My browser of choice is FF3 and when I recently took
> a quick look at the Navigation List component that Justin has just
> started building I was quite surprised that an empty page loaded. Now
> given the newness of this component that could very well have been the
> expected results as Justin may have been working on the back end of
> the code first however, opening the same demo in Safari gave me a
> lovely demo of the component.
> It just occurred to me that shipping an html page at the top level of
> our product that linked into the demos would help solve this issue. We
> could then organize the list of components in such a way that it's
> really clear where they should work. This would also help us maintain
> the nightly build site by distributing the work of updating the page
> that links to components.
> Michelle
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