Current Engage and Infusion development activities

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Wed Aug 19 21:22:58 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

Just to keep the community in the loop, here is a quick, point-form  
summary of what the Engage development team is up to over the next  
couple of weeks, leading up to the joint Infusion 1.2/Engage 0.1  

Tag Component: (Michelle)
  * Add Renderer (get rid of markup in code)
  * Share code with InlineEdit
  * Persistence/fetch of tags in Couch

Screen Navigator: (Jacob and Antranig)
  * Feature freeze and stability
     - do we need to support confined scroll?
  * Finish unit tests
  * Work with Antranig on markup agnosticism strategy
  * Fix click delay issue for some elements (e.g. links)

mobile FSS: (Jacob)
  * Stablization and feature freeze
  * Any additional component requirements
  * Naming strategy for themes (scoping, etc.)
  * Clarify assumptions about how stylesheets will be delivered to  

Browse component: (Justin)
  * Localization
  * Handle multiple templates
  * Manage "upward flow of information" from  child component to cabinet

Artifact View: (Armin, Yura)
  * Hand off work to someone with more time (Yura)
  * Fetch data from Couch
  * Integrate with other components (Tag, Cabinet)

Services: (Yura, Colin, Antrang)
  * Tweaks to CSV import (in Java)
  * Help component authors get started with Kettle so components can  
be properly deployed: eg. same orgin issues, etc.
  Start first with Artifact View
  * Improvements to Kettle as need by component authors (Colin)

Infusion 1.2:
  * Pager fixup
  * Additional ChangeApplier listeners
  * New IoC container

Some links to our current work:
  * mFSS Demo
  * Daily Build Server (see "Engage Demos"):
  * Real museum data in our schema-less database:

We're also narrowing down the timing for a joint Infusion 1.2/Engage  
0.1 release in late September/early October. Here are the two  
scenarios we are considering. Thoughts and feedback about these  
potential dates are appreciated:

Scenario #1:
Bug parade: Sept. 14-18
Testing: Sept 21-25
Release: Sept. 28-30

Scenario #2:
Bug parade: Sept. 21-25
Testing: Sept. 28-Oct. 2
Release: Oct 6-8

I hope this helps,


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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